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National Planning Corporation ("Npc of America" In Fl & Ny)

National Planning Corporation ("Npc of America" In Fl & Ny)




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ETF Holdings

Name Assets
iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF $38,734,000
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund $31,302,000
Vanguard Tax-Managed International Fund $24,060,000
Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund $23,994,000
Vanguard Value Index Fund $22,471,000
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust $20,946,000
ProShares UltraPro QQQ $19,372,000
Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index Fund $18,254,000
Vanguard Growth Index Fund $17,998,000
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund $17,244,000
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF $13,202,000
iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF $12,511,000
Powershares S&P 500 Low Volatility Portfolio $10,598,000
SPDR S&P Dividend ETF $9,431,000
iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF $9,165,000
iShares US Real Estate ETF $8,642,000
Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund $8,473,000
Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund $8,427,000
iShares Select Dividend ETF $7,884,000
iShares S&P 500 Value ETF $7,389,000
SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust $7,351,000
Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund $6,297,000
PowerShares Preferred Portfolio $6,157,000
Vanguard Mortgage-Backed Securities Index Fund $6,130,000
Vanguard REIT Index Fund $6,015,000
iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF $5,900,000
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETF $5,421,000
iShares MSCI EAFE ETF $5,288,000
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund $4,850,000
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETF $4,429,000
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Index Fund $4,416,000
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Index Fund $4,320,000
First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF $4,253,000
SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg Barclays Short Term Municipal Bond ETF $4,107,000
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund $4,055,000
iShares Russell 2000 ETF $3,962,000
iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETF $3,905,000
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund $3,881,000
iShares Russell Mid-Cap ETF $3,849,000
iShares Core High Dividend ETF $3,815,000
Vanguard Health Care Index Fund $3,790,000
Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Fund $3,676,000
iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETF $3,357,000
iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF $3,284,000
PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility Portfolio $3,245,000
SPDR Gold Shares $3,157,000
iShares US Preferred Stock ETF $3,143,000
Schwab US Small-Cap ETF $2,976,000
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF $2,907,000
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF $2,900,000
SPDR Dow Jones REIT ETF $2,881,000
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond Index Fund $2,833,000
iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF $2,584,000
iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETF $2,507,000
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Growth ETF $2,504,000
iShares TIPS Bond ETF $2,476,000
Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund $2,405,000
Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund $2,399,000
PowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio $2,348,000
WisdomTree LargeCap Dividend Fund $2,321,000
Vanguard European Stock Index Fund $2,276,000
Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund $2,171,000
Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund $2,145,000
Schwab US Large-Cap ETF $2,113,000
Vanguard Small-Cap Value Index Fund $2,089,000
Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund $1,984,000
Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund $1,980,000
Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund $1,956,000
Vanguard Consumer Staples Index Fund $1,910,000
iShares Russell 1000 Value ETF $1,879,000
SPDR S&P MidCap 400 ETF $1,862,000
Vanguard 500 Index Fund $1,843,000
iShares MBS ETF $1,829,000
iShares Russell 1000 ETF $1,816,000
iShares 1-3 Year Credit Bond ETF $1,805,000
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF $1,794,000
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex US Index Fund $1,783,000
Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index Fund $1,777,000
PowerShares International Dividend Achievers Portfolio $1,750,000
iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF $1,739,000
iShares Core MSCI Pacific ETF $1,736,000
iShares Global Tech ETF $1,735,000
iShares US Healthcare Providers ETF $1,724,000
iShares Russell Top 200 Value ETF $1,705,000
Alerian MLP ETF $1,683,000
iShares US Pharmaceuticals ETF $1,675,000
PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio $1,656,000
iShares JPMorgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF $1,626,000
PowerShares Financial Preferred Portfolio $1,624,000
iShares US Technology ETF $1,596,000
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI Japan Hedged Equity ETF $1,591,000
iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF $1,584,000
iShares US Aerospace & Defense ETF $1,556,000
First Trust Health Care AlphaDEX Fund $1,545,000
First Trust Morningstar Dividend Leaders Index Fund $1,473,000
iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF $1,461,000
SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETF $1,461,000
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETF $1,359,000
Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Index Fund $1,329,000
iShares Silver Trust $1,305,000
iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF $1,290,000
Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Fund $1,268,000
SPDR EURO STOXX 50 ETF $1,266,000
PIMCO Total Return Active Exchange-Traded Fund $1,265,000
iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF $1,246,000
iShares US Healthcare ETF $1,225,000
Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETF $1,222,000
iShares US Utilities ETF $1,180,000
VanEck Vectors High-Yield Municipal Index ETF $1,099,000
First Trust S&P REIT Index Fund $1,064,000
iShares Russell 3000 ETF $1,063,000
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF $1,029,000
Vanguard Information Technology Index Fund $1,000,000
iShares Global Healthcare ETF $999,000
iShares Intermediate Government/Credit Bond ETF $998,000
United States Oil Fund, LP $980,000
iShares US Consumer Goods ETF $977,000
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF $976,000
iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Market ETF $968,000
WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund $966,000
First Trust Multi-Asset Diversified Income Index Fund $949,000
VanEck Vectors Biotech ETF $909,000
iShares US Industrials ETF $846,000
iShares Intermediate Credit Bond ETF $842,000
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities ETF $824,000
iShares Core S&P US Growth ETF $809,000
SPDR S&P Biotech ETF $792,000
iShares US Financials ETF $791,000
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol Emerging Markets ETF $773,000
iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF $756,000
iShares MSCI EAFE Growth ETF $749,000
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF $738,000
PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active Exchange-Traded Fund $717,000
iShares Morningstar Small-Cap Growth ETF $716,000
iShares Core S&P US Value ETF $689,000
Schwab US TIPS ETF $684,000
iShares Russell Mid-Cap Value ETF $664,000
iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol EAFE ETF $644,000
iShares National Muni Bond ETF $638,000
iShares International Select Dividend ETF $613,000
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund $601,000
iShares Gold Trust $596,000
iShares S&P Small-Cap 600 Value ETF $595,000
iShares US Consumer Services ETF $570,000
First Trust Consumer Staples AlphaDEX Fund $562,000
iShares Agency Bond ETF $560,000
Vanguard Energy Index Fund $557,000
PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid Portfolio $543,000
WisdomTree High Dividend Fund $534,000
iShares Core Moderate Allocation ETF $522,000
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond ETF $517,000
PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt Portfolio $486,000
iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF $475,000
iShares Residential Real Estate Capped ETF $474,000
WisdomTree MidCap Dividend Fund $464,000
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF $462,000
First Trust Consumer Discretionary AlphaDEX Fund $460,000
Vanguard Utilities Index Fund $454,000
iShares MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETF $443,000
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond Index Fund $442,000
iShares 10-20 Year Treasury Bond ETF $435,000
iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF $435,000
iShares Morningstar Large-Cap Growth ETF $433,000
First Trust Value Line Dividend Index Fund $428,000
Vanguard Materials Index Fund $419,000
Vanguard Total World Stock Index Fund $404,000
iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust $400,000
iShares S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF $396,000
iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF $395,000
First Trust Large Cap Value AlphaDEX Fund $390,000
Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund $390,000
iShares US Energy ETF $385,000
First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund $368,000
iShares MSCI Japan ETF $344,000
iShares Core Growth Allocation ETF $335,000
First Trust Preferred Securities and Income ETF $328,000
AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF $325,000
Guggenheim S&P 500 Top 50 ETF $306,000
iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETF $300,000
ProShares Ultra Silver $297,000
WisdomTree Dividend ex-Financials Fund $291,000
First Trust North American Energy Infrastructure Fund $290,000
PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund $286,000
Vanguard Global ex-US Real Estate Index Fund $280,000
iShares US Financial Services ETF $279,000
Guggenheim Solar ETF $276,000
Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value ETF $258,000
First Trust Dorsey Wright International Focus 5 ETF $239,000
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund $232,000
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond ETF $227,000
First Trust Mid Cap Core AlphaDEX Fund $226,000
iShares Core MSCI Total International Stock ETF $226,000
iShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETF $226,000
iShares China Large-Cap ETF $223,000
First Trust Large Cap Core AlphaDEX Fund $220,000
First Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index Fund $218,000
iShares MSCI ACWI ETF $208,000
VanEck Vectors Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF $205,000
PowerShares Global Listed Private Equity Portfolio $151,000
PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund $143,000
PowerShares DB Oil Fund $115,000



    Last updated on June 15, 2018
      • $7.4B
        Total Assets Under Management
      • N/A
        Total Assets Under Advisement
      • 35K
      • $209.2K
        Estimated Average Account Balance


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    Current Advisors

    # of advisors


    name start date
    Virgil Leonard Brenny
    February 2014
    Corey Donald Roberts
    November 2015
    Bharat C Patel
    March 2013
    Andrea Marie Pease
    January 2009
    Abraham Cabrera
    May 2016

      Affiliated Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers

      Name Type Total Assets
      Curian Clearing, LLC Broker-Dealer --
      First Dakota, Inc. -- --
      Ifc Holdings, Inc. Dual Registrant $4,070,846,177
      Invest Financial Corporation Insurance Agency Inc. of Delaware -- --
      Invest Financial Corporation Insurance Agency Inc. of Illinois -- --
      Invest Financial Corporation Insurance Agency Inc. of Ohio -- --
      Invest Financial Corporation Insurance Agency Inc. of Oklahoma -- --
      Investment Centers of America, Inc. Dual Registrant $3,545,391,198
      Jackson National Asset Management, LLC IAR $30,798,177,559
      Jackson National Life Distributors LLC Broker-Dealer --
      Jackson National Life Insurance Company -- --
      Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York -- --
      Jnl Southeast Agency LLC -- --
      Ppm America Inc IAR $101,197,967,932
      Sii Insurance Agency, Inc., Wisconsin -- --
      Sii Investments, Inc. Dual Registrant $4,281,237,326



        There is no ownership data available to display at this time.

        Executives and Control Persons

        Name Title Tenure Date % Ownership
        Jeremy Michael Stone Vice President Compliance December, 2015 less than 5%
        Bradley Olan Harris Director February, 2017 less than 5%
        Daniel Eugene Wright Nph Svp Chief Compliance Officer May, 2016 less than 5%
        Steven Howard Dowden Chief Operation Officer- Nph October, 2015 less than 5%
        Allan Reyes Avena Vp, Strategic Development January, 2011 less than 5%
        Gerry A Gunderson Nph General Counsel And Svp Of Regulatory Affairs May, 2013 less than 5%
        Maura Kathryn Collins Svp/Cfo- National Planning Holdings October, 2015 less than 5%
        Daniel Stuart Weiss Nph Vice President April, 2011 less than 5%
        Caren Leslie Coleman Vice President January, 2010 less than 5%
        Scott Eric Romine President And Ceo Of National Planning Holdings, Inc.; Director August, 2016 less than 5%
        Patricia Ann Mccallop Chief Compliance Officer June, 2015 less than 5%
        Vanessa Marie Rodriguez Lambrechts Vp/Finop Controller April, 2013 less than 5%
        Wendy Tamie Martinez Svp Operations January, 2012 less than 5%
        John Charles Johnson President/Ceo/Director January, 2013 less than 5%
        James Peter Miller Nph Svp, Operations February, 2007 less than 5%
          Source: SEC


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