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ETF Holdings

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Last updated on April 15, 2017
    • $6.7B
      Total Assets Under Management
    • N/A
      Total Assets Under Advisement
    • 29
    • $232.3M
      Estimated Average Account Balance


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Firm Client types


Current Advisors

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Affiliated Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers

Name Type Total Assets
Cayman IV (Cayman) Exempt Ltd. -- --
Fso Gp Lp -- --
Hsh Coinvest Partners Gp Ltd -- --
J.C. Flowers & Co. Uk LLP -- --
J.C. Flowers Asset Management LLC -- --
J.C. Flowers Securities Co. LLC Broker-Dealer --
Jcf Affm Debt Holdings Gp Ltd -- --
Jcf Associates I LLC -- --
Jcf Associates II Lp -- --
Jcf Associates Ii-A Lp -- --
Jcf Associates III LLC -- --
Jcf Associates III Lp -- --
Jcf Associates IV L.P. -- --
Jcf III Aiv I Gp Lp -- --
Jupiter III (Cayman) Exempt Ltd. -- --
New Nib Gp Lp -- --



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    Executives and Control Persons

    Name Title Tenure Date % Ownership
    James Christopher Flowers Managing Director/Sole Managing Member November, 2000 75% or more
    John Joseph Oros Managing Director January, 2006 less than 5%
    Todd Michael Freebern Managing Director January, 2013 less than 5%
    Cristin Heather Brown Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer October, 2012 less than 5%
    David Raymond Morgan Managing Director November, 2009 less than 5%
    Michael Johannes Christner Managing Director December, 2009 less than 5%
    Timothy John Hanford Managing Director January, 2009 less than 5%
    Kristin Hazen Johnson Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer November, 2008 less than 5%
    Sally Ann Rocker Managing Director & General Counsel December, 2000 less than 5%
    David James Moffitt Managing Director September, 2014 less than 5%
    Eric Christian Rahe Managing Director March, 2014 less than 5%
    Thierry Georges Porte Managing Director January, 2012 less than 5%
      Source: SEC


      Types of Compensation Arrangements

      • Percentage Of Assets
      • Performance-Based Fees
      • Other