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Aristotle Capital Management, LLC




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Last updated on Oct. 2, 2017
    • $14.8B
      Total Assets Under Management
    • N/A
      Total Assets Under Advisement
    • 2K
    • $7.9M
      Estimated Average Account Balance


Firm Services

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Firm Client types


Current Advisors

# of advisors


name start date
Robert Reid Womack
December 2011
Geoffrey Scot Stewart
December 2017
Michael Gregg Sindici
October 2015
Michael Bevan Carroll
July 2015
Richard Harlan Schweitzer
November 2011

    Affiliated Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers

    Name Type Total Assets
    Metwest Fund Manager -- --
    Metwest Realty Advisors, LLC IAR $0
    Saul Fund Gp, LLC -- --
    Aristotle Credit Partners, LLC IAR $389,137,495
    Aristotle Capital Boston, LLC IAR $2,048,667,546
    Aristotle Atlantic Partners, LLC IAR $314,954,660



      There is no ownership data available to display at this time.

      Executives and Control Persons

      Name Title Tenure Date % Ownership
      Steven Mark Borowski Owner, President July, 2011 10% to 25%
      Gary Wayne Lisenbee Co-Ceo/Co-Cio June, 2013 5% to 10%
      Richard Harlan Schweitzer Owner, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Risk Officer July, 2011 5% to 10%
      Howard Roy Gleicher Ceo/Managing Member/Chief Investment Officer July, 2011 less than 5%
      Nancy Jeddeloh Scarlett Managing Director, Chief Operations Officer July, 2011 less than 5%
      Michelle Monsalud Gosom Owner, Chief Compliance Officer August, 2014 less than 5%
      Richard Scott Hollander Chairman Of The Board September, 2012 less than 5%
        Source: SEC


        Types of Compensation Arrangements

        • Percentage Of Assets
        • Fixed Fees
        • Performance-Based Fees