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Raymond James & Associates, Inc.





Last updated on Oct. 6, 2019
    • $176.1B
      Total Assets Under Management
    • N/A
      Total Assets Under Advisement
    • 591K
    • $297.8K
      Estimated Average Account Balance


Firm Services

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Firm Client types

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Current Advisors

# of advisors


name start date
David I. Katz, AAMS® AIF®
October 2017
Kevin F Duffy
December 2008
Mary Brooks
April 2009
John Paul Schneider
November 2007
Tanner Garrett Hamil
January 2019

    Affiliated Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers

    Name Type Total Assets
    Carillon Tower Advisers, Inc. IAR $17,503,344,701
    Clarivest Asset Management LLC IAR $6,742,900,000
    Cougar Global Investments IAR $1,225,060,992
    Eagle Asset Management Inc IAR $26,403,155,978
    Eagle Boston Investment Managment, Inc. IAR $825,995,901
    Eb Management I LLC -- --
    Raymond James (USA) Ltd Dual Registrant $289,000,000
    Raymond James Asset Management International - France -- --
    Raymond James Bank -- --
    Raymond James Euro Equities Sas -- --
    Raymond James Financial Planning Limited -- --
    Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc IAR $103,692,335,631
    Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Broker-Dealer --
    Raymond James Insurance Group, Inc. Broker-Dealer --
    Raymond James Investment Counsel Limited -- --
    Raymond James Investment Services - Uk -- --
    Raymond James Limited -- --
    Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc. -- --
    Raymond James Trust -- --
    Scout Investments, Inc. IAR $25,689,690,033
    Silver Lane Advisors LLC Broker-Dealer --



      There is no ownership data available to display at this time.

      Executives and Control Persons

      Name Title Tenure Date % Ownership
      Thomas Alan James Director/Chairman Of The Board January, 1972 5% to 10%
      Jennifer Carol Ackart Chief Financial Officer March, 2019 less than 5%
      Thomas Robert Tremaine Executive Vice President, Director, Principal Operations Officer May, 2004 less than 5%
      Paul Marone Shoukry Treasurer April, 2018 less than 5%
      Marshall Farrokh Ollia Principal Financial Officer / Finop April, 2018 less than 5%
      Shawn Joseph Barko Chief Compliance Officer December, 2017 less than 5%
      Tashtego Spring Elwyn President - Chief Executive Officer June, 2018 less than 5%
      Christopher S Thurston Ria Chief Compliance Officer February, 2018 less than 5%
      Gerald Haig Ariyan President, Alex. Brown Division September, 2016 less than 5%
      Vincent John Campagnoli Chief Information Officer June, 2016 less than 5%
      Jonathan Santelli Chief Legal Officer / Secretary May, 2016 less than 5%
      Jeffrey Paul Julien Director January, 2004 less than 5%
        Source: SEC


        Types of Compensation Arrangements

        • Percentage Of Assets
        • Hourly Charges
        • Fixed Fees
        • Commissions