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Last updated on Oct. 5, 2017
    • $207.6B
      Total Assets Under Management
    • N/A
      Total Assets Under Advisement
    • 8
    • $26.0B
      Estimated Average Account Balance


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Executives and Control Persons

Name Title Tenure Date % Ownership
James Solomon Tisch Manager - Mlm Trust B Llc April, 2014 50% to 75%
Israel Alexander Englander Managing Member (Millennium Management Llc) (See Schedule D - Misc.) June, 1989 5% to 10%
John Struth Novogratz Global Head Of Capital Development & Investor Relations (Millennium Management Llc) December, 2009 less than 5%
Robert Jain Co-Chief Investment Officer July, 2016 less than 5%
Geoffrey Jean Lauprete Chief Investment Officer (Worldquant, Llc) April, 2011 less than 5%
Gil Adam Raviv General Counsel (Millennium Management Llc) September, 2007 less than 5%
Simon Michael Lorne Chief Legal Officer (Millennium Management Llc) March, 2004 less than 5%
Martin Zvi Schwartz Chief Compliance Officer (Millennium Management Llc) November, 2004 less than 5%
Mark Israel Meskin Chief Trading Officer (Millennium Management Llc) August, 2002 less than 5%
Ajay Nagpal Chief Operating Officer (Millennium Management Llc) July, 2013 less than 5%
Igor Tulchinsky Chief Executive Officer (Worldquant, Llc) January, 2007 less than 5%
Vladimir Torgovnik Chief Information Officer (Millennium Management Llc) July, 2011 less than 5%
Jeff Adam Blomberg Chief Administrative Officer + General Counsel (Worldquant, Llc) March, 2014 less than 5%
Kevin G Byrne Chief Financial Officer (Millennium Management Llc) September, 2014 less than 5%
Jonathan T Marom Chief Financial Officer (Worldquant, Llc) September, 2014 less than 5%
Michael Louis Deaddio Chief Operating Officer (Worldquant, Llc) July, 2014 less than 5%
Yannis Plato Vasatis Ceo Millennium Europe (Millennium Capital Partners Lp) January, 2011 less than 5%
David Peter Nolan Vice Chairman (Millennium Management Llc) March, 2001 less than 5%
John Frederick Anderson Global Head Of Commodities September, 2015 less than 5%
Dev Joneja Global Head Of Risk (Millennium Management Llc) December, 2008 less than 5%
Kirk Chester Sweeney Ceo Millennium Asia (Millennium Capital Management Singapore Pte Ltd) July, 2013 less than 5%
    Source: SEC


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