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Covidien Retirement Savings and Investment Plan
Form 5500 | Service Providers
Information on Persons Receiving Only Eligible Indirect Compensation
Person Or Organization Providing Disclosure
American Funds
Blackrock Inst Trust Co, N.A.
Invesco Advisers, Inc.
Legg Mason/Western
The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Information on Other Service Providers Receiving Direct or Indirect Compensation
Name Nature of Service Relationship to Plan Sponsor Direct Compensation Paid by Plan Indirect Compensation Paid by Plan Total Compensation
Fidelity Inv Inst Ops Co, Inc. Recordkeeping fees, Participant loan processing, Account maintenance fees NONE $900,708 $0 $900,708
Towers Watson Actuarial, Consulting (general), Participant communication NONE $204,983 $0 $204,983
Smart Source Participant communication, Other services NONE $150,273 $0 $150,273
Gilardi & Co LLC Consulting (pension) NONE $130,500 $0 $130,500
Mercer Actuarial NONE $95,122 $0 $95,122
Morgan Lewis Accounting (including auditing), Legal NONE $76,209 $0 $76,209
O'Brien, Riley & Ryan Accounting (including auditing), Legal NONE $71,461 $0 $71,461
Sei Investments Investment advisory (plan), Investment management NONE $70,000 $0 $70,000
Archimedes Systems Investment advisory (participants) NONE $61,767 $0 $61,767
Total $1,761,023 $0 $1,761,023

Indirect Compensation Details
Name Source of Indirect Compensation* Nature of Service Description of Indirect Compensation Indirect Compensation Paid by Plan
Fidelity Investments Boston Financial Data Services Sub-transfer agency fees .10% Alger Smcp Grth I-2 $0
Fidelity Investments Columbia Management Services Inc. Sub-transfer agency fees .35% Col/Acorn Intl Z $0

Service Providers Who Fail or Refuse to Provide Information
Name Nature of Service Description of Information
There are no service providers who failed or refused to provider information.

Termination Information on Accountants and Enrolled Actuaries
Name Position Explanation
There is no termination information for this plan.
*As outlined by the Form 5500 Instructions for service providers with indirect compensation.