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New BrightScope Plan Dashboard

BrightScope Plan Dashboard

A. H. Belo Savings Plan
A. H. Belo Savings Plan

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"The BrightScope Rating™ creates a way for employees, reporters and others to understand the true value of this important benefit to our employees. We regularly employ tools such as the BrightScope Rating™ to benchmark our benefit plans to those of other employers and to help us achieve our business objectives."

- George Keagle, Director of Benefits, Lockheed Martin


Evaluate Your Plan against Real Data from Real Plans.

Evaluate your plan against the most complete cross-provider 401k database ever assembled. Our large database of real plan data ensures that your plan will have a robust peer group of similar plans to compare against. Because we only use real plan data, not survey data, you can be sure that the comparisons are accurate and relevant.


Determine the Reasonableness of Plan Fees.

ERISA law makes it clear that it is the responsibility of plan fiduciaries to monitor service provider relationships and ensure that plan fees and expenses are reasonable. With the Plan Dashboard, fiduciaries now have all of the data they need to carry out this crucial fiduciary duty. BrightScope allows a plan sponsor to understand revenue-sharing payments and properly categorize fees and expenses.


View BrightScope Rating Calculations.

In order to ensure that your plan is accurately represented on the BrightScope website, the Dashboard gives you access to view input data, calculations performed as well as the criteria for ratings. The Dashboard helps a plan sponsor fiduciary ensure that the plan is presented fairly to its participants.


Always Up To Date, No Data Entry Required.

Once you subscribe BrightScope can automatically pull in your fund balances, fees, and other key financial information needed for BrightScope's analytics. BrightScope connects with almost every single major recordkeeping platform in order to keep your plan information up-to-date, saving hours of tedious data entry.

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Are you a representative of the plan sponsor other than the named plan administrator? If so please contact us to learn how you can gain access to the Plan Dashboard.

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