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Colin - You could take the 30k in non-retirement Vanguard funds to help with the downpayment. The market has done well the last 5+ years and may be nearing a peak. You could take this money off the board while its up and ...(more)
2 hours ago
Colin, First off "Congrats" on saving $404k in your various retirement accounts and achieving a great credit score by age 33! I think the four key facts that you didn't provide us are as follows: 1. What is your annual ...(more)
3 hours ago
Pam Horack Level 19
Hi Colin! Wow - you are a great saver. I'm totally impressed by your retirement savings thus far. I'll start by saying that meeting with a fee only planner is probably a good plan. He/she can give you a good idea of where ...(more)
3 hours ago
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