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On the surface, probably not (I would say no, but I don't want to paint with a broad brush). Life insurance should almost never be used for investment purposes (again I would say never, but...) and that's the product you ...(more)
15 hours ago
Anne, An advisor would need to have much more information in order to answer that question correctly. However, you mentioned it is for you AND your kids, which likely means it is for a long term investment. If so, I would ...(more)
17 hours ago
Emily, That is a great question. It is unfortunate that more investors don't pay attention to their investment costs, since that is one of the few things you can control with your investment plan, and one of the most important ...(more)
17 hours ago
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Weatherly's contact with the founders of BrightScope over the last 5 years has been nothing but ethical and dynamic. Their logical and linear way of bringing solutions to the marketplace is a breath of fresh air.