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Matthew, Last item I would suggest along with the advice you have received is when you speak to the custodian ask them to begin sending you your quarterly statements in the mail. Some vendors have gotten away from doing ...(more)
21 mins ago
Hi John, As John Essigman pointed out above, commodities producers often "hedge" their production proceeds by purchasing futures contracts. As you imply, they often lock in the price of their crops via futures contracts. ...(more)
12 hours ago
Hi Ofelia, In addition to what Layton mentioned above, some people opt to borrow from their 401k balances rather than take withdrawals. Most advisors will recommend this as a very last resort though, for several reasons: 1) ...(more)
13 hours ago
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Weatherly's contact with the founders of BrightScope over the last 5 years has been nothing but ethical and dynamic. Their logical and linear way of bringing solutions to the marketplace is a breath of fresh air.
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