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Tunc Tanin Level 5
While most advisors would advise you to consolidate as it makes our job easier to manage the assets, there are very few cases where you may be advised not to consolidate. I know this goes against majority on this board. If ...(more)
59 mins ago
Ahh! Stop borrowing from your 401k assets! Imagine your future self at age 65 shaking his fist at you saying, "Don't use my retirement money to buy a house, I don't want to live off social security." Using your 401k to ...(more)
12 hours ago
Hi Timothy If your plan allows more then one loan at a time then the answer is 'yes'. If so you may be allowed to amortize the loan over 30 years (again, up to your plan). Remember that if you terminate employment your loan ...(more)
14 hours ago
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