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James Holland Level 18
Tina 1 AND DONE your plan should have a TOTAL COST of 1% or less for EVERYTHING Record keeping/TPA , Advisor & Investments. I agree with Eric get a TRUE Fiduciary one who assume the role 100% with NO limitation to liability ...(more)
5 hours ago
Don't use a plan provided by an insurance company or fund company if possible. Clear conflicts of interest. There should be a smaller RIA or Turn Key provider in your area that will charge less than that and act as a 3(38) ...(more)
21 hours ago
I'd recommend getting at least three quotes for your plan. Include at least one quote from an RIA. The estimates you provided seem high, and they don't seem to include the underlying fund expenses. Also, paying for record-keeping ...(more)
22 hours ago
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Weatherly's contact with the founders of BrightScope over the last 5 years has been nothing but ethical and dynamic. Their logical and linear way of bringing solutions to the marketplace is a breath of fresh air.