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Tunc Tanin Level 2
We don't know what income tax bracket you will be in 40 years, we may even have a different tax system then. We may have 3% income tax rate and 55% sales tax rate. Who knows. However, if you happen to loose your job and you ...(more)
8 mins ago
Tunc Tanin Level 2
Most of the time rolling over a 401K to an IRA will give you more choice. Most financial advisors believe that the more choice you have the better for you. More choice also means more complexity and more likely that you will ...(more)
1 hour ago
Tunc Tanin Level 2
I would like add that sometimes leaving a large 401k balance like 200,000K to 17 year old child could have unintended consequences. If the child receives the payment as lump sum, the child would have no chance of receiving ...(more)
3 hours ago
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