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The others have provided good answers. If you and I were sitting down, the first question I would ask is: why are you doing this? That’s not a challenge, but it will determine my advice. If it’s to get a tax deduction ...(more)
9 hours ago
The others have answered the basic question which is to contact your HR department. But I’m curious about some information you left out. Are you still employed by the company where you have the 401(k)? If so, you may not ...(more)
9 hours ago
Tunc Tanin Level 6
You should look into a Roth IRA if you qualify. They work out better for people who are 65 and just starting out. Even if you can find a low fee option for your traditional IRA, you still have to start taking out RMD.'s when ...(more)
10 hours ago
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