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Pedro I agree with a lot of the information already mentioned, but specifically here are my thoughts 1 - The fact you are savings early and often is most important. Keep this up, and try to increase your savings as you can ...(more)
4 hours ago
Hey Tunc... due to your age, my knee-jerk reaction is to recommend the Roth 401k. There are no income testing limits, so even if you "make too much" for a Roth IRA contribution, you can still contribute to the Roth-401k. ...(more)
9 hours ago
Tunc Tanin Level 2
While Kiplinger and Money magazine's used to say that it is a good idea to shorten your mortgage, then the rates were much higher. Also you may be able to afford it now,, but can you afford the extra payment in the future. ...(more)
21 hours ago
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