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The answer to which one is the best is too difficult to answer with the limited information. Sometimes a ROTH make sense, other times its a traditional IRA that is best (you should look into your company plan and see if they ...(more)
3 hours ago
Steven Kaye Level 1
Charles, here are some useful contact numbers for you: Kodak Retiree Service Center &Benefits Center: 1-888-719-0488 Kodak SIP Service Center: 1-800-747-4968 KREBA Kodak Retired Employees Beneficiary Association: 1-855-823-5534, ...(more)
12 hours ago
If your employer offers group life insurance you can both sign up since you are both employees of the company. Here is an article that talks about some things to consider when buying life insurance. Hope it helps. ...(more)
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