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John Essigman Level 14
Hi Ariana, Your question is not clear… How much would you save as compared to what? Are you saying that your mortgage is being offered at 7.5% and you can buy that down to 5.5%? Or are you saying you can buy it down from ...(more)
11 mins ago
John Essigman Level 14
Hi Tony, I was not able to find Schnucks Markets on this web portal. They may be a subsidiary of a larger company. Some companies do not offer a retirement, profit sharing, or pension plan. Suggest you call your H/R Department ...(more)
17 mins ago
John Essigman Level 14
Hi Elizabeth. So sorry for your family troubles… Although losing your home is considered a financial hardship and may allow you to take a distribution from your 401(k), it will likely still be subject to the 10% penalty ...(more)
22 mins ago
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