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Keith: Like Jonathan, I wouldn't plug in an assumed 12% earnings rate, at least not for the next few years (we've had 5+ years of consistent growth from the 2009 bottom and the markets at all time highs). If we assume a more ...(more)
2 hours ago
Rich Winer Level 20
Keith, I agree with my colleagues. That said, the past performance of you investments does not guarantee future results. But on average, your returns over time should outpace the interest on your student loans and your ...(more)
4 hours ago
Pam Horack Level 20
HI Keith! I agree with Jonathan's answer above. Additionally, you would be subject to the 10% IRA early withdrawal penalty. You may use IRA funds for qualified college expenses. Repaying a college loan is not a qualified ...(more)
5 hours ago
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