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David P. White Level 8
There are three major credit reporting agencies: 1) Equifax, 2) Experian, and 3) Trans Union. They report an index of individual creditworthiness in the form of a FICO score. FICO is short for Fair Isaac Corporation, the ...(more)
43 mins ago
Tunc Tanin Level 4
If your parents are over the age 70.5 and they are receiving RMDs from their qualified plans, you can ask them to donate the RMD to the charity. There are no income taxes due on donating IRA funds to a charity. The income ...(more)
4 hours ago
Aaron Hillman Level 3
Hi Eric, Home ownership is an important step in building a stable financial future. The path you take to get there will significantly impact your long term financial goals. Often people view their retirement account as a ...(more)
21 hours ago
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