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Hello Brad, If you are referring to Brightscope's 401k ratings, I believe your plan needs to meet certain minimums like asset size, history, etc. But I do not know what the criteria is. Having said that, it's possible that ...(more)
16 hours ago
Brad - thanks for your questions. Could you clarify your question a little. Are you looking at a credit rating or trying to look an investment performance track record?
19 hours ago
Colin, others have made some good suggestions and have congratulated you on your ability to save. Let me give you some unorthodox advice that you may not get from people who focus tax deferred investing. Your IRAs and ...(more)
20 hours ago
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BrightScope is filling a void in the marketplace that unfortunately has existed for a very long time. They are bringing transparency and standardization to the financial advice arena that will benefit both investors and advisors.