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Tunc Tanin Level 9
Just to add, you claimed you have a 70% chance of getting a job. What happens in the other 30% scenario. If you cant get a job or worse case you are in a car accident and you cant start your dream job for 2 years. If you ...(more)
Thomas Larsen Level 3
Colin, The timing of your question is good as the end of the year approaches. Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from tax-deferred retirement accounts catch some investors by surprise. The government forces these distributions ...(more)
Keith: Like Jonathan, I wouldn't plug in an assumed 12% earnings rate, at least not for the next few years (we've had 5+ years of consistent growth from the 2009 bottom and the markets at all time highs). If we assume a more ...(more)
2 days ago
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