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BrightScope is a financial information and technology company that brings transparency to opaque markets. BrightScope data drives better decision-making for individual investors, corporate plan sponsors, asset managers, broker-dealers, and financial advisors.

Retirement Plans

BrightScope is the leading independent provider of retirement plan ratings and investment analytics to participants, plan sponsors, asset managers, and advisors in all 50 states.

Wealth Management

BrightScope built the first comprehensive and publicly available directory of financial advisors in the US. We help investors find a financial advisor and complete their due diligence.

Our History

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The BrightScope Team

We started out a small team as most disruptive start-ups do, but have since grown to over 90 employees. The BrightScope team remains nimble, hungry and dedicated to bringing transparency to the financial services marketplace.

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Our Wellness Program

A healthy team is a successful team, and at BrightScope we take our health seriously.

Each employee has the opportunity to particpate in our Wellness Program and earn points and health insurance premium discounts as incentives to stay healthy. Afterall, a healthy body means a healthy mind, which equals top-notch employees and great service!

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In the News

  • Aug 25, 2015
    Across the country, 401(k) plan fees dropped by an average of 10 basis points between 2009 and 2012, according to a study released last year by BrightScope Inc., a company that rates 401(k) plans, and the Investment Company Institute. Some industry experts say the fee reductions are the natural evolution of an industry that has been in existence only since the 1980s.
  • Aug 24, 2015
    Sometimes your 401(k) can be one sick puppy. These mongrels can eat up your money in bad mutual funds. There’s a number of things you can do to see if you need to make some decisions. I like BrightScope, which is a huge database of 401(k) plans. Like dog breeds, you have to compare similar-sized plans. If you have a big plan, your expenses and fund line-up will be much different that a smaller plan.
  • Aug 21, 2015
    Lawyers might work long hours, but they have great retirement benefits. Law firms offer the best 401(k) plans, according to a report from BrightScope, which rates company retirement plans. "Basically, we look at how long it takes workers to get to their retirement-ready goal line," said Brooks Herman, head of data and research at BrightScope.

Giving Back

Volunteering within our community is an important facet of our mission.

Feeding America San Diego is committed to solving hunger in our community and informing the public on the issues of food insecurity, nutrition, and poverty. We fight hunger locally by working hand-in-hand with partner agencies, local school districts, corporate partners and a network of volunteers to serve 56,000 children, families and seniors in need each week.

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